Scuba fin blades

Study, development and realisation of plastic scuba fin blades

The study aims to create a new material dedicated to the production of scuba fin blades in order to further expand the range of technical solutions to be proposed to the market. For this purpose, efforts were made to design a new type of material that was suitable for production through the injection moulding process.

On the user side, the blade must provide extremely easy kicking with limited effort to move it in such a way as to allow excellent performance even for inexperienced swimmers. The experiment has led to the creation of a material characterised by an unparalleled degree of compactness and compliance with the specifications assigned to us. The new material and the know-how acquired by Formac during the project can also be enhanced in different areas requiring the same balance between high values of mechanics and reduced weight.

Field of application: Sports and leisure
Material: Carbon Fibre Filled PP
Purpose: Study, development and realisation of plastic scuba fin blades
Success factors: Elasticity, Mechanical resistance, Reduced weight

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