Parts for bicycles for competitive cycling

Study, development and production of accessories for racing bicycles

The challenge was to create a material that was applicable to the world of bicycle racing. With this project, the company created a very light fibre with the required mechanical characteristics without tearing or breaking, as it undergoes flexural loads.
The project’s field of application was specifically the construction of accessories for indoor track sports bicycles. The know-how gained by Formac is generally applicable to any low thickness product requiring very high mechanical performance without tearing and breaking as usually occurs in Carbon Fibre based composites. To do this, at its laboratory, Formac has successfully experimented with the possibility of creating a specific fibre with the necessary lightness characteristics.

Field of application: Sports and leisure
Material: Carbon Fibre Filled PA12
Purpose: Study, development and production of accessories for racing bicycles
Success factors: Mechanical resistance, Reduced weight, Elasticity

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